Monday, September 17, 2007

Across this line you do not!

what a dork:

was that his wife? surely not. as things turn out he was not the only dork at the nextfest. one group had brought an amphibious car that ran on tank treads and looked more like the doodles from some 6th grader’s notebook from 1956 than a serious transportation scheme. another group had set up the robots that you have seen in commercials building cars since 1985 to play vinyl records. another quantum leap. a japanese team had built a door of perhaps 32 sticks on either side of the door which met in the middle of the entranceway and could be retracted into either side of the doorframe. apparently sensors would determine how wide the person entering was at 32 discrete points and then open the sliding sticks the appropriate amount. this would, in theory, leave a "you" sized hole to walk through as you marveled over the wonders of modern technology. however, more often than not it would leave one bar extended at balls level, leaving the test subject to shimmy through sideways while praying to god almighty that the stick behind him did not slide shut, impaling him on the bar never retracted. maybe my understanding of the world is just a bit off; maybe these are pertinent technological developments. maybe that was his wife.

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